Mobile Terminals

Mobile Terminals can be used anywhere that there is cell service, using GPRS. 

The Vx610 is a portable powerhouse--a battery-powered payment device with exceptional performance and high-end functionality. It uses the latest wireless technologies—CDMA and GPRS–and has advanced security with PCI PED approval. VeriFone's PCI PED approved Vx610 is a wireless solution that delivers blazing performance, high-end functionality, and exceptional ease of use--without tying customers to a fixed location. It brings the point of sale to the point of service. For example, merchants can instantly open an extra lane or support an outdoor market.
The Vx610 is availabe with CDMA, GPRS, or WIFI.

The Vx670 is the world's smallest all-in-one wireless handheld payment device. Built with Purpose-inspired design–with the end user in mind–the Vx670 is a radical revolution at hand! The PCI PED approved Vx670 is a small, sleek, and secure handheld payment device designed specifically for wireless, customer-facing payments. Its purpose inspired design–focused on real world usage–is rugged, drop-resistant, and spill-resistant to hold up to the most demanding conditions.
The Vx670 is available with WIFI or GPRS.

Hypercom T4230
VeriFone’s Optimum T4230 is a unique wireless device that offers GPRS connectivity in a countertop design. With a V.34 modem standard, wherever there is a power outlet the T4230 provides the benefits of a wireless connection with the assurance of a dial backup.

Hypercom M4230
VeriFone’s Optimum M4230 is a unique mobile terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design. It incorporates a removable, extra long-life battery for extended use between charges and can be re-charged by connecting the charger directly into the device or through an optional charging dock that includes dial backup. It’s wireless simplified.

Dejavoo M-Series
Payments anytime and anywhere. Stay connected with the Dejavoo M5 or M8 GPRS wireless terminal. 
M5 with Charging base: Optimized for payment, the Dejavoo M5 communication base provides further options using the PSTN / X25 network (modem), Ethernet, USB back up and it is all as simple as plug and play.
M8: With the Dejavoo Systems M8 Wireless Credit Card Machine, you can accept payments anytime and anywhere. Stay connected with the Dejavoo M Line GPRS wireless terminal. Optimized for payment the Dejavoo M Line communication base provides further options using the PSTN / X25 network, Ethernet, USB back up and it is all as simple as plug and play.


Designed for businesses that accept payments outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar spaces, the way5000 enables payments virtually anywhere there’s a cellular signal. Take payments on the road with a wireless handheld device that looks, feels and operates like a mobile phone. It’s just as convenient as a wireless phone and equally simple to use.