POS Systems

If you are looking for a more technologically advanced way to ring your customer's purchases or put in their orders and to help keep you more organized behind the scenes. Then a POS (Point Of Sale) machine is the best option for you! 

For Retail
If you own a retail business, with a POS system you can quickly search for any item by description, brand, year, size and color. Ever have sales that are only applicable for certain dates? With this system, you can set it up to where a certain item is only on sale for a certain amount of time, then goes back to normal after that. You can easily and efficiently keep track of inventory and what you need to order.

For Restaurants
Ever have a table that wants to split their checks into more than one ticket? With a POS system it is very simple to do just that, and to be able to put certain items on each one. This system also allows you to keep tabs on each table and see the status until they are completely closed out. Orders will printout in the kitchen, if you have it set up to do so. This system can also keep each person up to date on stock and what they are out of or almost out of. 

If you would like to know more about Point Of Sale Systems, please contact our staff at: (888) 778-2637 or staff@cocardfhp.com