Pin Pads

Hypercom S9 
The S9 PIN pad is compact, comfortable and convenient. The hand-fit and easy-to-use design maximizes efficiency and responsiveness. Along with big number keys, colored OK and CANCEL keys and a bright, backlit display, the S9 meets security and network integration standard – and offers easy integration with existing POS terminals or ECR systems.

Hypercom P1300
The VeriFone P1300 is designed to cost effectively meet PCI PED 1.0 security standards for PIN entry. It’s compatible with many VeriFone product families and features flexible communications options for rapid integration with electronic cash register (ECR) systems.
The Hypercom P1300 is also available with a USB option.

Hypercom PV1310The VeriFone PV1310 is a PCI approved PIN entry device that meets PCI PED 1.0 security standards. It features convenient, user-friendlyergonomics and is fully compatible with most countertop devices and ECR systems.

VeriFone PINpad 1000SE
Evolution never looked so good with VeriFone's highly-ergonomic PINpad 1000SE, which offers a fast and simple way to accept the latest in both PIN-based and contactless payment. The PINpad 1000SE is a simple upgrade solution for merchants that already have a pin pad but need to meet the new PCI PED security standards. It's also an ideal drop-in replacement that makes implementation trouble-free and virtually effortless. Plus, it supports a wide range of payment and non-payment contactless applications that are certified for global use.
The VeriFone PINpad 1000SE is also available with a USB option.