VeriFone P250
The Printer 250 is the standard for performance, reliability, and adaptability. The value leader among compact point-of-sale printers, the Printer 250 maximizes the capabilities of your VeriFone system. It generates crisply printed two-part receipts just seconds after you enter a transaction through the VeriFone system. This gives you a very short total transaction time—the true test of a POS system's efficiency. And the Printer 250 provides a complete audit trail that you can compare with the electronic record for accurate balancing at the close of the business day.

Verifone P900 
As a premium roll printer that can increase merchant productivity, the Printer 900 earns the highest marks. This roll printer is in a class by itself, meeting the highest print performance standards. The Printer 900 has significantly reduced average transaction time, and there are several reasons why. Its raw print speed is a swift 3.7 lines per second. It has a separate motor for paper advance, plus a bi-directional print head for increased efficiency. And it features a three-line buffer that allows printing to continue while the terminal is processing.