Direct Payment
Love steady income, but hate the hassles of monthly billing and check reconciliation? Lose the headaches and expenses associated with collecting recurring monthly fees while maintaining control over your customers, information and money. With your customer's pre-authorization, we automatically debits their bank account. It's an easy, fast, convenient way to collect recurring bills such as mortgages, loans, utilities, investments, memberships, premiums, and charitable contributions. 

Direct Deposit
Employees can't wait for payday. But do you dread having to write all those checks and, too often, re-issue them when they're lost or stolen? Is expense reimbursement a headache waiting to happen? Direct deposit has major benefits

Thanks to instant access to cash, convenience and more time, it's no wonder 71% of employees have direct deposit. Today's job candidates have come to expect it. But they're not the only ones who benefit. It offers significant advantages for you too:

Saves you money: Puts a stop to issuing and re-issuing checks, as well as stop payment fees.
Reduces your risk: No need to worry about the more than four million paychecks lost or stolen each year, or the 2,000 fraudulent checks cashed every day.
Saves you time: What would you do with all that extra time if you had only one entry on your statement to reconcile? We're sure you'd think of something.
Improves employee satisfaction: Attract and keep valuable employees by providing a benefit rated as important as a 401K.
Increases productivity: According to NACHA, companies could increase productivity by $3-5 billion if all Americans used direct deposit. Even a small piece of that pie is mighty appetizing.

NSF Check Re-presentment
Tired of spending your time and money chasing bad checks? Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) returned checks are labor intensive and costly for you and your customers.

It's time you cashed in on out electronic recovery solution.

Check out the facts:

U.S. consumers write more than 1.2 million bad checks every day.
The cost of processing a paper check is 150% higher than for an electronic transaction.
Setting up debit schedules that are in synch with your customer's pay date can increase recovery from 50-96%.

Look beyond face value evaluating check recovery partner’s boils down to one simple question. Who keeps the NSF fee? You want a program that's easy to understand and implement, plus a partner with a proven track record.