Gift Card Programs

A Gift Card solution enhances customer retention and increases sales through new customer generation and customer service. Designed for restaurants and retail markets with valued, new and repeat customers in mind, the Gift Card has enhanced features to ensure customer retention and rewards. 
With the Gift Card, customers simply purchase a card which is activated by swiping it through a terminal. The card is then ready for use within seconds. When a customer makes a purchase, the sales associate simply swipes the card through the credit card terminal and the amount spent is deducted from the Gift Card. 
By keeping the Gift Card similar to a credit card, customers have a product of comparison that they are comfortable with. When a Gift Card is drawn to a minimum balance, it can be "recharged" to an increased value, turning a one time user into a lifetime customer.


Fixed denomination: Merchant activates Card for the fixed amount printed on the card; Cards cannot be reactivated for more than the face value of the card.
Variable: Cards can be activated and recharged for an amount up to the maximum value of the card.
Single Activation: Card can only be activated once but can be redeemed multiple times.