Loyalty Card Programs

Frequent Guest & Loyalty Program offers merchants the opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of their customers through retention and increased purchasing with rewards.

Simply swipe customer cards through a terminal and points are tracked instantly and recorded on their receipt. This allows you to easily recognize return customers. You are also able to leverage your own products and services as rewards through loyalty marketing - increasing the perceived reward value and your customer's satisfaction.

On-line registration or registration cards are used to gather customer information for demographic analysis and mailing lists. Customized surveys are also available.

A successful loyalty program must appeal to your customers, be cost effective to maintain and encourage customers to become members. The Frequent Guest & Loyalty program has multiple applications, allowing gift cards, debit, bonus points and instant rewards on a single card.

Instant Rewards: A pre-determined message is printed on receipts when customers reach a point level. A customer turns in a receipt to get the reward. The receipt is marked and filed with the cashier's drawer when turned in. No redemption is necessary. The receipt is used to redeem the reward. Ex. At every 500-point interval a receipt prints "1 free oil change". (Points do not start over but will print at each 500-point level).

Reward Redemption: Points are accumulated through the terminal and redeemed through the terminal. No messages are printed. Transaction points and accumulated points are printed on the receipt. The merchant provides a variety of rewards at different point levels to be redeemed. Ex. 50 points-Free ice cream, 100 points-Free banana split.

Multiple Point Rewards: Pre-determined reward messages are printed on customer receipts at variable point levels. 5 levels may be assigned. Ex. 50-points, "10% off Hair Cut", 100-points, "15% off Curl-N-Set", and 250-points, "25% off Color or Perm". Points are redeemed through the terminal when the customer wants a reward.